Monthly Archives: March 2015

Do You Know What?

There are so many lazy/malign rhetorical crutches these days, the main question seems to be whether they are Verboten or merely suitable for the Lexemic Holding Pen. One that has breached my tolerance threshold lately is the self-avowedly apology-free auto-embrace of:

Do you know what?

as in

Do you know what? I like Deacon Blue. I think they’re a great band.

(the latter an old TMWRNJ favourite, of course)

The speaker is indicating that they’re going to shock the listener slightly with their abrasive candour, with the iconoclastic verity of their insight, but they’re not going to hold back, they’re going to press on with their dismaying revelation. Watch out, because there’s an existential risk for your assumptions and your shibboleths.

This fake candour will not stand, this invidious confessionistic urge.